On February 15th, Together for Life (TFL) organized a workshop in Tirana titled "Embracing Tradition." The workshop brought together young people with experts Blerina Kolgjini, a research professional with a Doctorate in Textiles focused on Polymeric Materials and Artificial Turf from Ghent University, and Marsida Bregasi, a Marketing Communications Specialist. The workshop helped fashion designers gain a deeper understanding of their cultural heritage and traditions, inspiring them to incorporate these elements into their designs. The event provided space for sharing of experiences and good practices in the subject matter.

The program structure was built up in that way to offer a learning space for participants. The methods were specific to non-formal education and developed creativity and involvement: PP presentation of the project; PP presentation on Albanian traditional costumes, group workshops, etc.

During the "Embracing Tradition" workshop, participants had the opportunity to create creative designs inspired by Albania's rich culture and tradition. Following this, a fashion show will be organized in Albania, and the top five designs will be selected for the final Fashion Gala in Athens, Greece.

At the beginning of the workshop, the project coordinator presented the project, its objectives, and the activities carried out and those that will be implemented in the future. The coordinator also introduced participants to some of the materials developed so far as part of the project, such as the website, handbook, methodology, research for each partner country, etc., which they can access for developing their skills in the fields of fashion, design, and tradition.

Next, expert Kolgjini delivered a PowerPoint presentation on creating a traditional garment, starting with the selection of material (fiber, yarn, textile), tools used (scissors, needle, loom), weaving, cutting, sewing, decorations, and final product shaping. Finally, Kolgjini showcased to the participants some of the works developed using traditional techniques.