Following the meetings between representatives of all political parties in the country with various stakeholders, within the project "Information-communication on environmental policies for sustainable development" thanks to the Senior II program, implemented by the Regional Environmental Center in Albania and funded by the Swedish Embassy, "Together for Life" held its next meeting in the city of Fier.

In this meeting, participants were young people from this city as well as the representative of the Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) party, Mrs. Edlira Toska.

Through this meeting, the young people had the opportunity to get acquainted with the program of this party focused mainly on environmental issues. Mrs. Toska made a clear presentation about the political platform of the party she represents and then the meeting continued with discussions by the youth.

The LSI environmental program mainly emphasizes the agricultural sector."In 100 thousand jobs that will be created for young people, 25 thousand of them will be created in the agricultural sector, agro-industry and fisheries"- stressed Ms. Toska.

The Socialist Party for Integration in its program will support investments in the industry of exploration, extraction and processing of minerals, oil and gas by fiscally stimulating the construction of mineral enrichment and processing plants, as well as the construction of oil enrichment refineries in the country. Another promising point is the tax exemption for enterprises with agro-tourism structure. These are the only issues that affect the environmental aspect but without including the policies that should be undertaken for its protection. But the environmental situation in that city requires immediate solutions and young people are very revolted by the lack of political will to take initiatives in favor of cleaning the air and the environment.

D.T states:  “I am so pessimistic about this country that I think about the future in a country outside Albania, I can not wait to finish my studies and the first thing I will do is leave here. "I am sorry even though Zharrëza is not far from the city center, I feel indifferent to the situation and the health of the inhabitants there because I know that it will continue like this for a long time".