Title of project - Increasing the social and economic sustainability of vulnerable groups affected by the earthquake

Project location - Shijak

Total duration of the project - 6 months

Target group

  • Vulnerable groups (people with disabilities, women heads of households, Roma and Egyptian communities, families receiving economic assistance, etc.), especially those affected by the November 2019 earthquake.
  • Municipality of Shijak public structures.

Project Objectives

  • Promoting civic activism and setting up inclusion mechanisms of the community in determining the policies and decision-making that the local government undertakes for the recovery and resilience of vulnerable and earthquake-affected families.
  • Increase the transparency of local government in response to civil emergencies through open and periodic communication with community representatives and stakeholders.

Expected Results

  • Vulnerable and earthquake-affected groups engage and are involved in decision-making and policies that local government undertakes for their recovery and sustainability.
  • Local government communicates directly with the community to ensure transparent decision-making in providing services and support to vulnerable and earthquake-affected groups.

Main Activities

  • Meetings with the community and identification of activists that will serve as focal points.
  • Increase the capacities of focal points to identify the needs and problems faced by vulnerable and earthquake-affected groups and use the necessary means to convey them to local government and raising awareness of local structures on the need to increase transparency in decision-making.
  • Implementing five community initiatives.
  • Establishment of an online community platform on the city hall web, to discuss decisions and generate data with local community.
  • Promotion activities for the online platform, through video, posters and stickers and meetings with the community.