Together for Life brought together representatives of the Government, the diplomatic corps, international institutions, microfinance institutions, civil society organizations, as well as women and girls entrepreneurs to discuss and share views and approaches on the situation of women that run businesses, the difficulties they face and the need for intervention in support of their development.
At the Conference "The power of women entrepreneurs in the economic and social development of the country" organized by Together for Life were presented:

  • Findings of the study "General business climate and the impact of autumn earthquakes 2019 and COVID-19 on women entrepreneurs", conducted by TFL with the support of the Austrian Development Agency - ADA.
  • The first online platform dedicated to women running small and medium enterprises (Women in Business - Albania) developed by TFL with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tirana.

The conference was greeted by the Minister of Finance and Economy, Mrs. Anila Denaj, Minister for Entrepreneurship Protection, Mr. Eduard Shalsi, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Mrs. Guusje Korthals ALTES, Ambassador of Austria Mr. Christian STEINER, Mayor of Kurbin, Mrs. Majlinda CARA, who praised as very important any initiative and effort aimed at economic empowerment of women entrepreneurs.

The study focused on the general business situation led by women and the problems created in them, especially after last autumn earthquakes and the COVID-19 pandemic, brought to the attention of those present not only concerns but also the need for intervention and support from all market players for these ventures. The study "The power of women entrepreneurs in the economic and social development of the country" conducted by the association "Together for Life" is the only one so detailed about the situation of women entrepreneurship to date.
Minister of Finance Denaj, taking the floor, stressed that, "more should be said about women, talk and work in terms of policies, support for women entrepreneurs, and above all to see all the problems that exist to address them as well as possible ”.
The Minister of Finance and Economy stressed that it is up to all actors to think of more initiatives that focus on supporting women entrepreneurs.

The Minister of State for Entrepreneurship Protection, Eduard Shalsi, referring to the data on the participation of women in the socio-economic life of the country, stressed that “we have made a progress that we should all be proud of because now we are not talking only about the inclusion of women, but also for their real contribution to the Albanian society ”.
The Mayor of Kurbin, Majlinda Cara brought her experience as the first female mayor in the region of Lezha and considered this as an unusual event for this area.

Mr. Christian Steiner, Ambassador of Austria, said that if we support women, we support the family, we support the community. Referring to the Study presented by TFL, Ambassador Steiner said that it is important to have a clear picture of women and their difficulties.

"I believe in the strength of women," said the ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Mrs. Guusje Korthals ALTES. The pandemic showed that we must trust women and girls! "
The study conducted by Together for Life highlights the difficulties encountered by women in business in the regions of Tirana, Durres and Lezha. Data from 200 women surveyed show that women-run enterprises face difficulties such as marketing, legislation, fiscal obligations, funding problems and more.
The study has made some recommendations that would improve the situation of women-run businesses, including undertaking state policies for fiscal facilities, increasing programs focusing on grant support and soft loans for women, especially for new businesses, etc.

The participants welcomed the establishment of the online platform "Women in Business - Albania" by TFL and encouraged the organization to continue its commitment in support of the promotion and empowerment of women.
For years, Together for Life has been committed to promoting gender equality and supporting women, as it believes that the economic empowerment of women affects the economic development of the country and the improvement of the socio-economic situation of families and society.
Today's conference is one of the activities organized by Together for Life with a focus on women.