Together for Life is implementing the project 'Reintegration of the Returnees by increasing access to health care and improving their health' in the regions of Elbasan and Lezha. The objective of the project is to facilitate the reintegration process of returnees by improving their access to basic health care with a focus on chronic patients.

The services provided by TFL under the project are supported by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbHas part of the Returning to New Opportunities Programme of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

An important element of the project that is implemented by TFL is to increase the capacity of health care and employment service providers to address the barriers to health care services faced by returnees. 24 primary care physicians and employees of the emigration counter in Elbasan and Lezha attended the one-day training 'The role of the family doctor in managing the cases of returned emigrants' - respectively on 2 June in Elbasan and 4 June in Lezha - about effective ways and means of supporting returnees that need health care services.

The training aimed to increase the knowledge, skills and capacities of the primary health care system, as the first link of the health care system in which returnees with health problems are directed to receive services. The participants in the training were informed about the health problems of the returnees and their needs for ongoing support.

In cooperation with primary care physicians in the two selected areas, TFL is working to identify returnees with chronic diseases, who are provided with direct support for timely and quality health services, according to the relevant health protocols.

Sustainable reintegration of returnees is a complex process that includes providing support to them, ranging from emergency assistance upon arrival, access to public services as well as the provision of specialized services.