Project Title - Let’s talk about vaccines

Project location - All over Albania

Total duration of the project - 2 months

Project Objectives objectives

  • Together for Life will collaborate with a wide network of doctors and public health experts in order to answer citizens' questions about COVID-19 and vaccination.
  • To enable the achievement of results, "Together for Life" Association will use its online portal, which has a number of over 100,000 followers on social networks, portal dedicated to patients and associations of chronic patients; portal Established with the support of UNFPA Albania, which is dedicated to young people.

Expected Results

  • One health category dedicated to Covid-19, updated regularly with information on immunization.
  • Thirty informative articles distributed on the social networks of shë; and
  • Ten infographics.
  • Three personal stories.
  • One informative videos.
  • Up to 60 people directly informed in the field by experts regarding immunization.
  • 120,000 persons reached through articles, infographics and publications on online portals.

Main Activities

  • Two meetings with people with disabilities, chronic patients and minorities in the area of Tirana and Kamza. Meetings will be held with the support of a General Practitioner, who are closer to the community and can give accurate answers to the questions they have about the immunization process. The goal is for this target groups as the most at-risk for vaccine complications, to discuss immunization with specialists, ask questions and share their fears and uncertainties. One leaflet will be prepared and distributed to the community and all participants.
  • One meeting in cooperation with the Women's Center in the maternity hospital "Mbretëresha Geraldine", with pregnant women about pregnancy, breastfeeding and immunization. The meeting will share information about vaccines, verified information and reliable sources, such as the World Health Organization.
  • One meeting at the premises of the Diabetes Association, with patients with diabetes as one of the most at-risk groups in case of infection with Covid-19.
  • One meeting with young students regarding immunization as young people are also affected by the new variants of Covid-19 discussing about myths and truths.
  • Opening a new category on the website of (which currently has more than 100,000 followers on social networks), which will be dedicated to disseminating information about the pandemic, especially about immunization and its importance according to the instructions of MHSP and health experts.
  • Thirty informative and educational articles will be published on the new category and will be also shared in the other website, respectively (website dedicated to patient associations with over 7,000 followers on social networks) and (website dedicated to the dissemination of health information for young people, with about 4,000 followers on social networks)
  • Ten infographics to provide graphic information on myths about vaccines targeting different groups, such as young people, pregnant women, the chronically ill, people with disabilities, etc. The information will be obtained from reliable sources, such as WHO, ECDC, CDC etc.
  • Three stories with vaccinated and unvaccinated citizens who have been infected with covid-19 for the second time. The collection of this evidence will serve to help educate people about the risks of disease and to highlight the benefits of vaccination.
  • One informative video on the importance of immunization.