Title of Project: "Clean air, healthy life"“Ajër i pastër, jetë e shëndetshme”

Donor: The project is implemented by partner organizations Milieukontakt Albania, Together for Life, EPER Center and GO2, within the Green-AL program, funded by the Swedish International Agency for Cooperation and Development with the funds of the Swedish Government, implemented by Co-PLAN Institute for Habitat Development in cooperation with VIS Albania, COSV – Cooperazione per lo Sviluppo and CISP – Sviluppo dei Popoli.

Project implementation areas: Durres & Elbasan

Duration: May 2022 - June 2023

Target-group: Municipalities and Municipal councils; Directorates of Public Health; National Environment Agency; Ministry of Tourism and Environment; Parliamentary Commissions

Final beneficiaries: All citizens living in the project implementation areas and suffering from the consequences of air pollution, the general public and media

The overall project objective:  The establishment of a national network of NGOs to address issues related to air quality, through access and transparency to information, and advocacy for strengthening the regulatory framework in the air sector

Expected results: 

  • The NGO's network participate and contribute to improving the regulatory framework at local and national level for better air quality and within the standards set by the legislation in force;
  • Rrjeti funksional i OJF-ve mjedisore mbi cilësinë e ajrit aktiv, edhe pas përfundimit të projektit;
  • Groups of experts/policy makers/decision makers/media/NGOs and citizens in various multidisciplinary fields (industry, transport, health) have updated their knowledges on air quality;
  • Monitorimi alternativ i 4 parametrave (PM2.5, PM10, CO2, NO2) për cilësinë e ajrit në bashkitë e targetuara në projekt dhe përditësimi i platformës www.greenlungs.al.

Main activities:

  • Monitorimi i cilësisë së ajrit me pajisjen e lëvishme “Aeroqual 500” në bashkitë Durrës dhe Elbasan, për periudhën e verës dhe dimrit;
  • Real-time data monitoring on air quality through 2 fixed IQAir devices installed at 2 points/zones in Durres and Elbasan;
  • Organizimi i trajnimit 2-ditor “Ndikimi i cilësisë së ajrit në shëndet” me organizatat e shoqërisë civile që veprojnë në fushën e mjedisit dhe grupe të tjera interesi;
  • Continuous publication of the monitoring results, maps and air quality infographics at the official websites and portals, and update of the "Green lungs.al" platform;
  • Designing and publication of 2 awareness videos on air quality;
  • Elaboration of the study on: "The impact of air quality on health"
  • Drafting and publishing 5 journalistic articles on official portals;
  • Organization of the National Forum "The Enviromental Pollution" in cooperation with the other partners of the project, within the Green-AL program.