Currently, the Republic of Albania has modest defenses against organized crime and terrorist attacks.

The adopted Albanian legal framework would need to further align and progress in the same path as the EU acquis, in fighting the organized crime and terrorism in a multidisciplinary and integrated approach, in addition to more awareness, preventive responses as well as repressive ones.

Meanwhile, for media the risk of becoming a propaganda tool by the terrorist becomes particularly apparent in cases of publication and repetition of images and videos prepared by unconfirmed channels for the journalists and media outlets. The respect for human dignity and the right for privacy, especially when the news does address the images of children and minors, as the laws in place do protect such category.

These are some of the conclusions and recommendations of the “Report on the coverage on the situation of terrorism and extremism in the country via media broadcasting and the Albanian legal framework in response to threats as organized crime and terrorism”, produced by “Together for Life”.

The report firstly, examines the media analyses on state capacities to address security issues related to terrorism and VE and try to shed light in the field of media coverage in relation to terrorism, VE and hate speech and how the media do understand the steps taken by state authorities on such ground.

Secondly, it aims to analyze the legal framework, as the means and measures to achieve the goals and objectives set out in strategic and key documents, if they do align with the EU acquis, their implementation and the effectiveness.

To understand more about the situation of fighting terrorism and extremism in Albania, please read the full report here.