The Dutch Embassy in Tirana in cooperation with "Together for Life" and the Albanian Women Entrepreneurs Network (NAWE) organized an event dedicated to women in business. This fair brought together women entrepreneurs, social business initiators, civil society and other partners in an inspiring environment.

The Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Dewi van de Weerd, welcomed the guests and emphasized the Netherlands' efforts to promote a sustainable culture of entrepreneurship, which encourages women entrepreneurship as the key to inclusive economic growth. She said: "The high interest we had during the organization of this event shows that women want to develop, connect and collaborate in a business-to-business model. "I believe the country is clearly overcoming the constraints of the past that have traditionally hindered women entrepreneurs."

The event was also greeted by the Deputy Prime Minister, Mrs. Senida Mesi, as well as by the Minister of State for Entrepreneurship, Mrs. Sonila Qato. The screening of the documentary "The Road" by Dutch artist Su Tomesen on street vendors attracted attention and created discussions on ways to improve such a situation. Elizabeth Gowing's book "The Silver Thread" was also presented by the author. She described the filigree journey through the Balkans and its flourishing in Istanbul, in the cities of Albania to the highlands of the country.