A collaboration between the Slovak Embassy in Albania and "Together for Life" makes possible the donation of medical equipments for patients suffering from serious blood diseases who receive medical services at the Hospital of Lushnja.

200,000 Lushnja residents will have better health care as result of the last investment in the hospital of this city by SlovakAID, which as we mentioned above, it is implemented by the association "TogetherforLife". Lushnja Hospital has suffered from a lack of investments in the last ten years and this has caused major problems for patients.

In order to improve the health conditions service for citizens, especially for patients with Thalassemia and Hemophilia who receive medical services at the Hemoglobinopathy Center of Lushnje, the Slovak Embassy in Albania has contributed with the necessary medical equipment for the treatment of these patients.

Representatives from the Slovak Embassy in Tirana, SlovakAID and the Together for Life association went in Lushnje to see the investments that were made at the Hospital of Lushnja and share with the doctors and managers of this hospital the problems they face during their everyday work.

The Hemoglobinopathy Centre treats patients with serious blood diseases from the city of Lushnje, Fier, Berat, Elbasan, Vlora, who receive blood transfusion periodically.

The Head of SlovakAID, Mrs. Lucia Kišš, promised to continue with the investments at this hospital through the Slovak Agency for International Development Cooperation, where the next step will be the donation of neonatal incubator. Mrs. Kišš also decided to donate blood for the treatment of the patients.

Lushnja's administrative staff and also the medical staff, expressed gratitude for the donations that were made by the Slovak Embassy in Albania.

“Together for Life” has served as a bridge between the hospital and donors to increase investment opportunities at this hospital. TFL will continue to assist and collaborate the needs of regional hospitals through other projects.

Together for Life, in accordance with its statute and its mission, works to promote and protect the fundamental rights of communities and groups in need, with particular focus on patients who benefit healthcare through transparent and efficient activity of the health institutions.