'Improving the health system through an informed vote', was the topic of today's discussion at a joint roundtable organized by the association 'Together For Life', which brought together health program makers in political parties and representatives of the network of associations of patients.

The purpose of this activity was to acquaint Albanian citizens with the health programs of political parties running in the June 25 elections and to reflect the real needs of our health system.

Present at this event were representatives from the Association of Patients with Diabetes, the Association of Patients with Hepatitis, the Association of Patients with Hemodialysis, Su Rayder Albania, Europa Dona Albania, etc., as well as the drafters of health programs in political parties who 'unveiled' the programs their promising change.

Among the parties that have already prepared the health program was LIBRA, whose representatives participated in this discussion. Matilda Beqiri, who also made the relevant presentation, said: "We do not intend to make health care free, as health is one of the things that costs a lot, but to make a universal coverage."

While during the unveiling of the program, special attention was paid to the law on medicines, the convention system, free health care for children up to 12 years old, health care and education of children with special needs, etc.

The representatives of the associations emphasized their needs, listing a series of problems they face every day in the health system, from the malfunction of the referral system, lack of medicines, reimbursement of vouchers for patients with diabetes, the law on kidney transplantation, etc.

This project is supported by the Democracy Commission Small Grants Program, Embassy of the United States of America./ Shendeti.com.al